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Student Assistance Program

The Genesis Student Assistance Program allows for schools to have a student assistance counselor work within the school setting, but without the burden of an additional salary and benefits, which many times schools can not afford.

The Genesis Student Assistance Program provides schools with a qualified counselor for a set amount of hours, which is determined by each schools budget and needs. The student assistance counselor's that Genesis provides are primarily Masters Level Counselors, with extensive experience in dealing with children and adolescents.

Some examples of the services that are offered in this program include: facilitation of groups, staff trainings, classroom lessons, and individual meetings with students or parents. If a counselor feels further assistance is needed, they provide referral resources for students and their families, helping them to understand what services may be needed and how to obtain them. Having supportive services in the school as well as access to additional resources is a beneficial situation for all involved, especially since identifying a need early can prevent more serious problems later.

The Student Assistance Program was one of the first programs provided by Genesis, and has been running for over twenty years. This amount of time has allowed Genesis to become experts in the needs of schools as well the knowledge that schools demands change consistently. To ensure that our counselors are aware of new needs and challenges, we require monthly meetings and training.

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