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Suicidal Thinking

Suicidal Thinking

When someone is suffering with depression or some other serious emotional difficulty the thought of suicide can begin to develop and find a place with our frame of mind as it relates to dealing with the internal struggle to manage all that we are being confronted with at the moment.

Anyone who has not previously been suicidal can not fully understand or image the pain that is experienced during these times. The struggle to maintain day to day activities and responsibilities while internally trying to manage the thoughts and emotions that surface without warning can be at times unbearable. The moments laying on the floor curled up in a ball wondering if the feeling or pain will ever go away and when it does the fear of how soon before it resurfaces again that seem to go on forever. The repeated process under which one goes through planning, reworking and negotiating within themselves trying to decide through a secret and internal process what is the best thing to do and how to do it in order to get rid of this feeling.

These and other feelings related to the thoughts of suicide are part of the process we sometimes go through when life begins to move in a direction that is becoming unbearable and/or unmanageable. In fact, thousands of people have had feelings like this and although some of them are no longer with us due to succumbing to the feeling of desperation and suicide being the way out, many still are because they found ways to help cope with the pain and the unbearable feelings.

Through talking and sharing with others we can find a way back from the edge and begin the process of alleviating the feelings of depression, anxiety, and desperation.

Genesis clinicians can be that resource to help you find your way back from the edge.